Everyone has goals in their lives that they wish to achieve and I just like everyone else have goals that I wish to achieve but some people like to look at my goals as unrealistic. I’m sorry I don’t want to be that person who is stuck working a 9-5 job in a cubicle having to listen to the girl next to me argue with her boyfriend or husband about something so minuscule. Nope my goals in life consist of actually making a difference in someone’s life while changing my life in the process. I want to leave college and travel the world and learn about what really goes on in life and not what the news keeps showing because let’s be honest I’m literally tired of seeing the negativity constantly on the television screen. How about showing the good things in life that don’t make people disgusted with humanity and everything that they are doing?

My goals consist of :

-Traveling the world
-Seeing different cultures for what they are
-Finding my voice in the world
-Living life for all that it is worth

Bye for now,
Bre Jay


4 thoughts on “Goals

  1. I love this, we’re very alike. Never forget these goals and don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. Thank you for your lovely comments on my latest post it quite literally made my day. Please keep in touch.



    1. Thank you and I will most definitely keep in touch. And we are very a like in the way that we think and you’re welcome about the comment I’m glad it made your day.

      Bre Jay


    1. Thank you Taylor for taking the time to read this and comment, I very much appreciate it!! And I am trying my absolute hardest to live a non 9-5 lifestyle!


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