Who is Bre James?

Meet Bre James

Name: Bre James

Age: 23 years of age 

Degree: B.S in Business Administration 

What I want to do with my degree: Work with nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and start up companies 

Business Inquiries: email me at brejayy@outlook.com

Interests: Writing, listening to music, running, journaling, and yoga

Blogging experience: July 2014 – Present

What I blog about: Life, Personal Experiences, Love, Relationships, Friendships and anything that comes to mind.


  • To be the modern day Carrie Bradshaw who travels the world living life to the fullest
  • Help youth development through education
  • Write a book consisting of my poems
  • Open an animal hotel for stray and abandoned animals
  • Build an orphanage for abandoned and homeless children
  • Build a Home for the homeless so that they will always have a roof over their head, fresh clothing, food, and a bed to sleep in

I want to help humanity in any possible way that I can through my actions and my writing. So welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy this journey! 🙂

Until next time,

Bre James


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