Life Update

Well hello friends and friends of friends, so once again I’ve been mia blah blah blah. You guys already know the deal whenever I pop out of nowhere with a post it’s mainly because working a full time job that takes up all your time and trying to blog on your days off is not as easy for some people, i.e me, as it is for professional bloggers. I would love to be a professional blogger who travels the world writing about food and stuff but I’m not and even though I can make that happen for myself I’m trying to stabilize myself in life.

But I just wanted to do a small life update post to let everyone know I’m still around I occasionally still read other peoples blogs to keep up on what I’ve missed out on. I really wish WordPress would go back to normal because with the new updates some things are harder to do than before such as reblogging someone. For whatever reason I have to go to the WordPress website if I want to reblog someone when before I could just do it from the app.

I know the last time I posted something I said I would write about my skincare routine and that never happened because life. But lately there have been so many things that I’ve been witnessing that I want to share with others and get their take on some things. So in all honesty be on the look out for that post because it will either have a basic title to it or the topic of what the post will be about. But as like a heads up for what might come I may or may not hang up my WordPress blog I haven’t really decided yet.

I know people say you make time for what you love and yes I do love writing but my WordPress to me has changed over the years since I’ve had. When I first started it, it was like a journal to me to share my thoughts and what not. Then I made it into reviews of shows and stuff which honestly I don’t know why I think I did that just to have some content other than what seemed like me complaining about my life. Now it just seems like a chore that I forget about doing on a daily basis, I barely open the app to read anything unless it’s been forever and I feel like I’m missing out on great content.

I also think that since I’ve bought so many journals that physical writing to me is so much better than internet writing unless it’s for something or someone. I haven’t really lost the spirit of writing it’s just to be able to write it with pen and paper and not have the entire world read it feels better than what I’m doing now in my opinion. It might also be just the simple fact that I’ve been somewhat talking more about what bothers me in life instead of keeping it to myself just to write about it later for people who may or may not care.

So yeah this may or may not be the last year of this blog. I might keep it but barely post or I might change the direction of this blog or I just might make an entirely brand new blog with fresh content, who really knows because I sure don’t as of yet. What does that mean for all 400+ followers well if I decide to make a new one I’ll post it, if I decide to delete this I’ll post it, and if I decide to change the direction guess what? I’ll post it to let you know. And if you’re wondering about my “poetry” blog I’ll actually be deleting that one as of today.

I’ve been so focused on my life and trying to get it right that I’ve neglected writing and staying updated on this blog anyway. But in like 2-3 days I’ll have two back to back posts about stuff just to say I met my quota of blogging. So yeah the fate of this blog will be decided not any time soon though but when I do make the final decision I’ll let you guys know.

Until then,

Bre James