Stage Three: Bargaining

Now this is a very interesting stage for me because I've never experienced what it was like to bargain in a situation. In reality I think that I might have experienced this, it's just that I don't remember whether or not I knew that's what I was doing. I had to google to check and see what bargaining consisted of what the real meaning of it was. According to google it means to pretty much think of a better scenario in normal terms. For instance I would say in my situation now "I wish I had treated him better" or "I wish I would have said this instead of that and maybe things would have been different".

All this time that's what I have been doing my whole life with everything. When it comes to friendships and relationships that have failed I always asked myself if there was something I could have said or done different or was this just supposed to happen. In this case I'm not sure if I really know whether or not I'm going to miss this friendship or if this was supposed to happen for the best. I'm still growing as a person and I'm still learning how to deal with things but it's not easy when you're an emotional person who goes through multiple moods signs that are triggered by the littlest things.

I'm not really going to say much about this stage because I've never really fully experienced what it's like to bargain a loss or even really grieve a loss. I mean I've lost friends but clearly their friendship didn't mean much to me because I've moved on and haven't spoken to them since. But I can tell you that stage four might be the longest post out of all five of these because just like Anger I know stage four all too well and it goes hand in hand with stage two for me so stay tuned for that one tomorrow if you're still reading these at this point.

Until next time,

Bre James


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