Dear Younger Bre

I just want to start out by saying I'm sorry for becoming the person you feared. I'm sorry for losing faith in happiness and I'm sorry for breaking your heart. I'm sorry for being so quiet and letting things boil to the point where you want to explode. I'm sorry for being quiet when you were so outspoken and witty and loved life. I'm sorry for letting boys hurt you and ruin your life and stealing your joy and happiness. I'm sorry for not speaking out when you used to always use your voice.

I'm sorry for placing your happiness in someone else's hands and causing you to feel so much pain when they left you without giving it back. I'm sorry for falling for the nice guys who made you laugh and made you feel as though you were enough even though they told you later on that you weren't.I'm sorry for not having a back bone when you needed me to. I'm sorry for growing up to be the person I promised you would never be. I'm sorry I let you down and became broken and weak from heart break and broken promises.

I'm sorry I didn't love you and that I wasn't enough.

I'm sorry Bre, please forgive me?

Bre James


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