Woah Hello June and Hello WordPress

Well it has officially been an entire year since I have posted anything on my blog. I kind of went ghost without telling anyone or maybe I did but can’t really remember if I did or not. And if you’re wondering if I’m going to apologize like most people do when they take time out of their life to get their life together well unfortunately nope I will not be, no offense. The reason why I took a break from WordPress was for multiple reasons 1) I have a full time job working 40+ hours a week 2) I was having relationship/friendship problems I needed to work on 3) Although I had plenty to talk about with all of you I didn’t want to post any of it due to the fact I wasn’t in the right mind to really share everything with the public again and 4) the updates that WordPress keeps having makes it harder for me to use when I have to do certain things on the website as opposed to right there in the app like I was able to do so many times.

But here I am giving you guys a semi update on why I have been MIA. Now you might be asking since I’ve come out of hiding will I be blogging more and honestly the answer is probably not. There might be days where I will feel like sharing something important with all of you but as of now I’m not whole heartedly focused on blogging anymore even though I am still writing I’m just not sharing my words on my blog. From time to time you might see me repost something old from myself or something new from someone else. It’s funny though that ever since I took a break from blogging I’ve been getting emails asking me to write about certain topics. I guess what they say is right “if you stop searching for what you want, what you want will search for you” or something along those lines.

I just wanted to share this little post and maybe when I don’t have a severe headache and I’m feeling up to it I will do a full on year update about everything that had happened in my life including my current love life situation, believe me it’s great.

until then lovely people,

Bre James


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