Rape Culture: “It Happens” Part 1

Now you’re probably wondering to yourself what this post could possibly be about and the title can seem very vague or sadistic to some. I was on Twitter reading some tweets in regards to someone being raped. As I was reading the comments I saw a lot of victim blaming and shaming and claims that it wasn’t rape. I’m just going to be up front and say I am sick and tired of people blaming victims for being sexually assaulted. Is it really so hard to understand that having sex without consent is rape? You can be male and be raped, female and be raped, transgendered and be rape, you can be whatever on earth and still be raped if there was sexual contact without consent. I don’t know about most people but I for one know the meaning of yes and no.

For those who need some clarification when it comes to this post it is all based off of something on Twitter that then lead me to YouTube where this whole thing has taken place. It just really disgusts me that people really don’t take rape seriously. Why do we blame the rape victims? Why don’t the rapists get blamed for a crime they committed? Why aren’t rapists called what they are which are rapists? Why aren’t victim called what they are which are victims? Why is society so quick to say that someone deserved to be raped? Take for instance the Brock Truner case he raped an unconscious woman in an alley who had no way of saying no. You know what people said about the victim: she’s a slut, she shouldn’t have been drunk, it was because of how she was dressed. 

  1. How someone is dressed is not an invitation
  2. Just because someone is intoxicated out their minds is not an invitation 
  3. Because someone is blacked out, passed out, or completely unresponsive is not an invitation 

I don’t understand what a majority of society doesn’t get when it comes to rape. We can’t keep looking at these rape cases as the boy or girl who cried rape because whether you want to believe them or not something happened without someone’s consent. And don’t get me wrong I know there are people out there who will lie about being rape but as a society we can’t really determine if it’s a lie or the truth. It’s just very disheartening to see people call this woman on twitter a liar all because of what one grown man has said about a situation that happened when they weren’t even together. Rape Culture in this country and around the world is sickening because the victims are always blamed for being raped. When it comes to the rapists they will serve 3 months because they were an outstanding swimmer who won a bunch of medals and had good grades. 

Sorry for my language but big fucking deal if you’re a straight A student. When you take advantage of someone whether they are male or female you are scum of the earth and you deserve to get what karma will bring you. The best show I’ve watched on Netflix that really helps with how Rape is seen is American Crime season 2. I don’t know if any of you have seen it but I pretty much just told you the plot of the season but when you actually watch it you’ll be shocked at how it plays out. There will always be three sides to a story his side, her side, and the truth. Rape is not something to be taken lightly nor as a joke with all this “well she shouldn’t have worn that, “she deserved it”, “being drunk isn’t an excuse”, “they were asking for it”. It pisses me off when I see people say “they were asking for it” no one on God’s green earth asks to be raped what logical sense does that make at all? 

I’m going to end part 1 right here becuase I have more to say on the matter which will be in part 2 where I’ll go into more details about certain things such as consent and what that really means and other issues about rape culture.

Until next time,

Bre James 


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