Self-Love: New Edition

Hello new friends and existing friends, I thought I’d start with a new post considering I have the time since I’m off today. I made a list of topics I was going to post about and I thought I’d start with this one. I’m not writing these topics in any specific order just pretty much what I feel like discussing. These posts can range from short, medium, long it all depends on what I really have to say about the matter.

With all that being said let’s start the discussion with self love a new version.

Now if you’re new to this blog then you haven’t read the post I made a while back about self love or self acceptance. If you’ve been here for a while(thanks for hanging in there) then you know how important self love is to me. This post in particular is about a new version of self love that not only involves you but the people around you. In order to love someone else you must love yourself and in order to love yourself sometimes you need to find the right person who makes you feel secure.

As you know the key to self love is finding out who you are as a person. That means spending time alone with yourself figuring out your likes and dislikes, this method helps you communicate with others about yourself. But there is a new way to show love to yourself and that is by accepting yourself. Sure you can say you love yourself but can you say you accept yourself? From the time I was younger to now my adulthood I have struggled with the whole self love/ self acceptance concept. 

When I was younger I was carefree so of course I loved myself and accepted myself   because bullies didn’t really exist for me then. It wasn’t until I got older going through the higher stages of elementary school up until high school my self love/acceptance for myself started to diminish. People started to point out my flaws that I never knew I had and that changed my entire perspective of myself. It wasn’t until I got to college, sophomore year, when I decided that my opinion of myself was more important than anyone else’s. Now this never really kicked off for me until I was done with college completely.

The moment I was distanced from those who made me question myself was the moment I was able to get help and get back on the path of self love/acceptance. I know how difficult it can be to love yourself when you see females who looked like they were born gorgeous. But always remember someone else’s beauty does not diminish your own beauty, if you grew up in my generation then you understand what it was like to go through an awkward and ugly stage. You need to embrace those stages because kids these days only think love is based on social media likes and being someone’s WCW or MCM. They won’t know what it’s truly liked to be loved for themselves because they have IG and Snapchat to tell them what love isn’t.

Another method to loving yourself is to love those around you especially if it’s mother female. This whole woman against woman thing really needs to stop. I still don’t understand why females become friends only after hating each other, why must we hate each other rather than empower and support one another? If you have hatred towards anyone that will hinder your self love journey. The reason I say that is because if you hate someone else it just means you want to be that person or be like that person. That shouldn’t be the case because you should want to be yourself and no one else. Not every girl you meet has a perfect life there’s a lot they could be hiding just like you. What’s important is to show that other person kindness so you can be kind to yourself. 

Jealousy is a huge factor that keeps people from loving themselves and others. And the only reason why people become jealous is because they keep comparing themselves to other people. Always remember that your chapter 1 will never be like someone’s chapter 20 or chapter 45. Your beginning will never be like someone else’s middle or ending, you have to create everything for yourself through yourself. Don’t make assumptions based on how your life is going because there has never been a success story where someone didn’t struggle at some point in their life.

“Love thyself how you would love thy neighbor”

The moral of this entire post if you didn’t get it or it took a while to grasp it is to love yourself no matter what. Forget about everyone else but yourself, be selfish, be proud, be grateful, be whatever you want to be as long as it involves yourself.

Until next time,

Bre James 


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