Freedom of Speech: Standing vs Sitting debate

Well hello hello everyone that still follows and hello hello to new people that have stumbled upon my blog. As of late I’ve been taking a break from blogging because I’m human and I have a job that requires majority of my attention. I’m not apologizing for being MIA because honestly there’s no point in doing that. Anyway I’m sure a lot of you are aware of the debacle going on in the sports world that all started with Gabby Douglas but seemed to only grow with 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick(spelling).

If you are not aware I will fill you in on an upcoming post that I will go into more detail about. The issues started with Gabby Douglas in Rio when she didn’t cross her heart while the national anthem was playing. She got so much criticism for something that many male athletes don’t do at any sports level especially in the NFL. Now the issue only got bigger when Colin K the QB for the 49ers decided to sit during the national anthem. Ever since then it has been a debate between practicing the first amendment and being disrespectful.

In my honest opinion I do not think that Colin, Gabby, and any other athlete of color should be criticized for doing an act that their counterparts do all the time. Let’s be real here it is a racial matter because if you read Colin’s reasoning for sitting you’d understand the meaning behind what him and other athletes are taking part in. On top of that veterans are speaking out and saying that they support what Colin is doing and you know why? Because they fight for our rights to express ourselves through the first amendment. I respect my country and I respect our national flag and what it symbolizes for this country, but what I don’t respect is the loss of innocent lives.

Now I’m not going to go into anymore detail in this post this is just something that will be discussed in the next few weeks. To me it’s like we as a nation are finding anything to be offended by and that includes expressing and practicing the first amendment.

Until then,

Bre James


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