Self Discovery: A discovery you won’t regret

Well hello all I’m back again with another random post that I think will help me and others with life. I like to think of self discovery as the holy grail to getting to where you need to be in life. Most people think they have themselves and life all figured out and if you do, congratulations. But for those of us who have no clue what we are doing this one is for you. And if you think I’m an expert at self discovery well I must tell you that I’m not because I’m still in the beginning stages of self discovery.

Self Discovery: Finding yourself 

I believe when it comes to self discovery that there are three different stages: beginning, middle, and an end. I think it’s the beginning and the end that take the longest because in the beginning you already feel like you know yourself so well that no one can tell you about yourself. Trust me that’s what I’m currently thinking at this point in my life, at age 23 I feel that I know myself but not as well as I would like to know myself. I think I’ll get to the middle stage around my mid thirties and then the end will come when I have finally learned to appreciate life’s obstacles and blessings.

I’ve met a lot of people who have the perception that they know themselves. Yet they don’t realize that their insecurities are so vivid and so clear especially when it comes to how they treat people. For example the guy I used to work with who no longer works at my job *Trevor. When I first met *Trevor I never expected things to be so exhausting and draining. I don’t even remember how I met him exactly he just happened to be there. He was cool at first and then I saw his true colors and how he is as a person and I’m no expert but that boy seriously needs some professional help.

Before he departed ways with the company I listened to my conscience and had a conversation with him. I told him what I needed to tell him even the not so nice stuff that I’ve been holding in. Always remember honesty is key even if it sounds terrible you should let it out and tell it to the person it’s directed towards. In the midst of talking to him I mentioned about self discovery and asking if he even knows himself and he claims he knows himself a little. He doesn’t know himself at all because as an outsider looking at his behavior and his actions towards females he needs help correcting some things. I felt that the convo we had was a much needed one because since January 2016 we have butted heads nonstop.

I expressed to him that I don’t butt heads with people and I don’t result to violence unless pushed to my limits like others. The fact he and I couldn’t see eye to eye and we would constantly argue and fight, like a married couple at that, it was exhausting and draining for me. It got to the point where I was going to quit my job on multiple occasions because I was tired of having to deal with him and the stress the fighting would cause. You would think at 24 years old he would know how to treat and talk to females but he doesn’t and he doesn’t realize how he comes off towards people.

I know everyone has their demons and a past that has shaped them one way or another but it’s no excuse to treat people like they are invaluable and scum of the earth. I truly do believe when people say you only hate others if you hate yourself. Going through what I went through in college it helped me realized that I truly didn’t love myself based on how I acted and treated other females. Now that I’m aware of who I am and what I do, I make sure to be empathetic and sympathetic to those who are going through rough times. 

I guess what I’m trying to say with this post is when you finally find yourself, you will be at peace. I believe that I will be at peace when I can honestly say I have found myself through self discovery but for now I’ll continue to learn through trial and error.

Well that ends this post, how’s everyone’s life going so far?

Bye for now,

Bre James

*name has been changed 


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