Semi Life Update

Hello everyone in the WordPress atmosphere I just wanted to drop in saying that I still haven’t figured out how to share posts and that I have an idea of a post that I will post tomorrow. I’ve been prioritized with work, I’m no longer saying busy, so I haven’t really been posting my own content which I feel like I need to. Now there is nothing wrong with reposting other posts because there are some great writers out there with great content so I thought I would share those with my readers.

Due to my lack of blogging I had this idea that popped in my head after watching a YouTube video from Christian Guzman, my current YouTube crush right now, he’s a fitness youtuber who vlogs about his day to day life while he’s getting in preparation for competition. The video that gave me a great idea was his side of his breakup story from his girlfriend who is also a fitness person. I watched her video because his was sort of a response to it even though he says that it wasn’t. Then it gave me a great idea and you know when you have an idea and you post about it some people tend to steal your idea. I’m not worried about that but I do want to keep the title of the post quiet until tomorrow when I have time to actually blog.

It’s funny because I have days off from work when I’m not busy but in all honesty I’m tired and don’t really feel like blogging. It’s okay to have breaks from social media I took a break from Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram for a month and it was great. I needed that time away from nonsense and just stuff that I was letting consume my mind again. I needed to find myself again without trying to compare my life and my chapters to others which is why I took the break from social media.

But I just wanted to put this post out there I know it’s kind of all over the place but it’s a semi update of my life which will be another post I’ll have up tomorrow when I actually take the time to blog my own content. FYI I’m going to delete the website I made with weebly and completely redo it because it shouldn’t have gone up without me putting in any effort so that will no longer exist but when I make my new one I’ll make sure to link it and it will have more content than the first one.

So on that note, be back soon

Bre James


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