Childhood vs Maturity ( Tom & Jerry style)

When I was younger I would always watch cartoons before going off to school. It was a daily ritual for me and now that I’m older I don’t watch anything before going to school because I have early morning classes. One of the cartoons I would watch out of many would be Tom & Jerry. You know the cartoon where a cat (Tom) tries to catch the mouse (Jerry) but fails every time. Except there was one episode where he caught him but Jerry managed to escape and I’m still trying to figure out how.

When you’re younger and you watch this show you think to yourself why can’t Tom just leave Jerry alone? you’re always rooting for Jerry to get away from Tom. You want something to happen to Tom so that Jerry can get away from him such as the dog attacking him or him getting in trouble by his owner or something random. And something random usually always happens in these situations. But that’s your childhood that’s what you’re seeing, Tom being a typical cat trying to catch Jerry the typical mouse. We’ve grown to watch them go at it all the time and become reanimated to be up to date with today’s modern times.

Then the tables turn once you reach maturity and realize that Jerry has been the jerk the entire time. When you’re a kid you don’t see it, you just think that Tom is being a pest and won’t leave Jerry alone. But when you finally mature you realize that Jerry has been the Bully the entire time, think about it he’s the one doing more harm to Tom than Tom is doing to him. Never has Tom ever hurt Jerry while in the process of trying to catch him but Jerry hurts Tom all the time trying to get away from him. There was an episode where Tom didn’t even try to catch Jerry yet Jerry still wanted to torment him and try and provoke Tom to chase him.

When you mature you start to realize you’ve been rooting for the bully the whole time. Instead of seeing sympathy for Tom when you’re younger you just saw him as being the bully. Jerry was seen as this helpless mouse who had to come up with shenanigans to get away from the terrible Tom. Then as you get older and you start to watch the show again you realize the whole time that Tom was really the victim and not the bully.

It works the same way in life when you’re a child, things seem so innocent and people seem so innocent. And then you hit maturity and start to realize that those innocent moments and people weren’t so innocent after all they just played a good game of hiding who they truly were. In the case of Tom & Jerry, Tom was the bully as a child and Jerry was the victim. In maturity Tom is the victim and Jerry is the bully, we allow our perceptions of people to get in the way of our true intuition on how we feel towards other people. We should allow ourselves to follow our instincts from the beginning and to not let our perceptions deceive us.

Childhood is simple but maturity takes a lot of effort and you have to be on your toes the whole time. It may be tough trying to be the bigger person in situations but it’s what you have to do. Take a lesson from Tom & Jerry if you have to and learn the difference between what childhood expects and what adulthood expects which is being mature.

Bye for now,
Bre Jay


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